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Posted over 1 year ago by Scott Thompson

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Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson Admin

Welcome to the new Advanced Wireless Communications Ticketing system.  We have done this update to provide you with a new, modern and easy to use system for all your information and support needs.  If you have any questions, issues or suggestions, please let us know.  Some of the highlights of this system are:

  • Create Tickets without the need to log in
  • Get suggested solutions both from our Solutions Library and Solutions suggested while entering a ticket
  • An easy to use library for Quick Guides, Tips and Tricks and FAQ's
  • Review Past and current tickets
  • Ability to create a ticket vie Email
  • Ability to access the Support portal from our Website as well as the Support Portal
  • Access to our Public Forums
  • Product Announcements
  • and more to come!

Check it all out and let us know what you think!  Thank you!

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Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson posted 8 months ago Admin

We are coming up on a year now with our new Ticketing system and we have added several more options that you may find very useful, they are:

  • Get RMA authorizations from within the ticketing system rather then having to use the manual form.  This has the advantages of:
    • Email alert when your units have arrived at Advanced Wireless and are checked in for Repair
    • Email Alert when your Repair is completed and the Tracking number 
    • Email Alerts for Partial shipments with Tracking Numbers
  • Warranty Lookups.  Now you can see up to 10 Serial numbers for each part number and get an email status for each Serial number Automatically
    • Shows you the Date Purchased
    • Show the date of Warranty Expiration
  • Self help Solutions Articles.  These articles offer step-by-step instructions on how to do, setup or fix specific issues!  Browse our Solutions articles today!

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